"First Dance" Music Video

Corey Smith is making a new video for his song "First Dance" and he is looking to include some videos and photos from fans! Submit photos or video clips of your wedding or wedding receptions using one of these methods:


Facebook - Post using #CSFirstDance
Twitter - Tweet using #CSFirstDance
Instagram - Post using #CSFirstDance
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Subscribe to Corey's YouTube HERE to be the first to find out if your special moment made it into the video!


*By submitting your media, you are giving permission for it to be used in this video.

songsmith weekly - "fishing guntersville"

Catch Corey going to bass fishing heaven in this week's songsmith weekly.

Spotify Sundays

Every Sunday, Corey will add a new song that he has been listening to. Check out his Spotify playlist here:

"One of my favorites from back in the days when country could never be confused with with metal or hip-hop. Travis is the real deal."


songsmith weekly - "candid camera"

In this week's songsmith webisode, Corey and the band get caught by the camera when they least expect it.

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Corey Smith

I'd almost forgotten this one. A Christmas song I wrote a few years back. Enjoy! Merry Christmas! http://t.co/eJCrdIUkzt